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Rebecca, founder of Heart and Hands

Rebecca is an experienced Midwife based in Auckland, New Zealand. She began her career 14 years ago in the United Kingdom as a Labour and Birthing Suite Midwife before relocating to New Zealand in search of a more woman centered model of care. 

She has extensive knowledge and experience in women's health and newborns. She has practiced as a Lead Maternity Carer in Auckland and is now a Clinical Charge Midwife at Auckland City Hospital. She is a certified Lactation Consultant and a specialist in Neuroprotective Developmental Care of newborns.

Through her own parenting journey, which included struggling with breastfeeding, along with shared experiences with clients over more than a decade, Rebecca identified the gap in support for women and their family as they transition into the Fourth Trimester.

Rebecca's vision is to provide the scaffolding a new family need to create the building blocks for your child’s lifelong health and wellness, through tailored Lactation Consultancy Services, Birth Trauma Counselling, Newborn Sleep Issues, gentle parenting solutions, and more.

"I am committed to providing access to free resources and education and a supportive environment for mothers to establish and maintain successful breastfeeding journeys."


  • Bachelor of Science (Midwifery) 

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

  • Completed Birth Trauma Training-Facilitated by Make Birth Better

  • Childbirth Educator - HypnoBirthing/HypnoMothering

  • Currently in Progress - Accreditation in Neuroprotective Developmental Care

  • Currently in Progress - Masters in Health Practice- Midwifery. 


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