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We are over burping already!

I believe I can safely speak for parents across the land when I say, "WE ARE OVER BURPING ALREADY!!" We've all been there, in the middle of the night, as the moon's glow seems to taunt us with its sleepy radiance. We've gone through the routine: breastfeed, burp (for what feels like a million years), breastfeed, swaddle (imagine a sleepy baby here), burp, and... just when you thought you were about to lay the baby down and drift back into a desperate slumber... WHAAAAAAA! The burping has awakene...

January 3, 2024

The best Christmas present: How Rudolph’s red nose could help your newborn sleep

Navigating the challenges of the fourth trimester often feels like being in the trenches. I know that it did for me! And challenges can be on rapid fire! From addressing breastfeeding challenges and recovering from surgery to pondering the seemingly endless supply of dirty nappies courtesy of your newborn, it really is a whole new chapter. This might all seem somewhat manageable if we've had a restful night's sleep.Yet, the likelihood of enjoying a substantial amount of sleep during this pe...

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